About Us

Premier Group Advisors

Premier Group Advisors (PGA) is a professional support services firm established in 2006 and led by a highly experienced team, most with over thirty years of leadership experience in the delivery of complex systems and solutions for organizations in the Private Sector, Federal and State Government, Department of Defense and Large Aerospace and Defense Contractors across the entire Enterprise and Product Life Cycle.

We work with our clients to develop and implement winning strategic plans and programs to streamline operations and bring together disparate groups focused on a common vision involving program management, branding, technology, customer and user experience. Our core service offerings include consulting and program/project support in the following areas:

  • Program Management Support
  • Marketing Services
  • Transformation and Innovation
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Procurement Services/Supplier Management
  • Facility Support
  • Construction Management

PGA has grown its business through its ability to adapt the best industry practices, processes and tools to deliver the results our clients demand. We have served many of the leading Fortune 500 firms, Aerospace, DoD, Intelligence and Federal and State organizations. The PGA management team has extensive experience in successfully managing, leading and supplying critical support programs.

PGA’s business focus is working with and supporting organizations by providing the management, technical skills, and the actionable data and information they need to reach decisions and effectively implement and manage their critical programs. PGA is a low risk, high performance, and cost effective solution dedicated to the mission of advancing government and private sector management teams.

The Premier Group Advisor’s strengths lie in its project management skills, human capital base, and attention to detail in performing projects of various sizes. Our fundamental goal is to execute projects in ways that create the best value for the customer by getting quality work done quickly and economically.


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  • “The most reliable and consistently correct decisions are a result of a clear understanding of the market. The folks at PGA studied and developed a deep understanding of our market, producing a positive impact on our business.”

    Hal, Fortune 1000 Services Firm

  • “Simply put, these folks are smart, detailed oriented and integrated research, financial analysis, operations, communication and supplier management into tight program management of a major initiative for our group, allowing us to not only refine elements of the program they were hired to support, but as a template for other programs within our organization.”

    Jackie, Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm

  • “This group really understands the concept of marketing as a data-based science and its functional role within the enterprise as a feedback mechanism that has aided us in everything from strategy and planning to advertising and promotion to sales planning to training our associates to manage our customer experience.”